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Sex in Rio’s heat – You should definitely follow these 8 helpful tips

RioLadies - Sex in Rio's heat (2)

Sex in Rio’s heat – In the summer, not only do the temperatures rise, but so does the desire for many people. The reasons: The outfits get shorter and skimpier, and people are generally more inclined to flirt. If there wasn’t one problem – you start sweating even without moving.

This is especially true for people from countries with cooler climates. When visiting Rio de Janeiro, the constant high temperatures will support the desire to get naughty. Girls in Bikinis that don’t even try to cover the best parts, music playing at any place and therefore dancing girls everywhere…you get it, lust comes naturally.

However, this might pose a challenge for those, not used to the heat and after one or two experiences, they just might get turned off by the thought of the sweaty endeavor ahead. The key lies in adapting and finding innovative ways to stay cool during sex in Rio’s heat. We will tell you how!

So, let’s start our guide on navigating and thoroughly enjoying sex in Rio’s heat.

  • Why do we want more sex in the summer?
  • Which positions are best for sex in the summer?
  • The 8 best tips for sex in the heat
  1. Perfect timing: choosing the right time for hot summer sex
  2. Cool sheets: cold bedding for hot love
  3. Cool bedding: Try making love on the kitchen floor for a change
  4. Culinary cooling: Spicy food cools the body
  5. Outdoor sex: Get out of the house!
  6. Breather: incorporate short breaks during summer sex
  7. Wet pleasure: Into the water!
  8. Support from the fridge: Use the ice-cold kick! Conclusion: Slow sex is the way to go in the summer

Understanding the Desire

Why does Rio’s warmth send our pulses racing? The city’s exotic atmosphere, combined with the tropical climate, stimulates the production of Serotonin, the “feel good” hormone, making us more vivacious and flirtatious. Furthermore, the heat enhances blood circulation throughout the body, including the sex organs, making them more sensitive and easily aroused. Paired with sexy girls literally everywhere, readily available alcohol and an overall good mood, it creates a potent mix of sensory stimulation that’s hard to resist. In this way, the city’s infectious energy can lead to unforgettable encounters that are as exotic as they are passionate.

RioLadies - Sex in Rio's heat (2)

Which positions are best for sex in Rio’s heat?

First of all: You sweat in every position during sex. But there are positions that are simply more comfortable in the heat than others. “Perfect are doggy style, spooning, and woman-on-top, as here the temperature and consequently the heart rate remain low,” advises an andrologist and sexual medicine specialist.

Also good: Woman-on-top, backward or sideways. Or she lies on the edge of the bed and you kneel in front of her. Avoid wild gymnastics and instead love each other in slow movements. Positions where you hold each other tightly are not suitable on hot days. Due to the body contact and strong friction, even more heat is generated. Sex while standing is also unfavorable, it puts too much strain on the cardiovascular system – unless you are under a cool shower.

The 8 best tips for sex in Rio’s heat

Would you prefer to make love right under the shower or in the ice tub at the hot summer temperatures? Basically, not a bad idea, but too great temperature differences can also kill the fun in sex. We have tested 8 alternative variants for love on hot days – 8 hot ideas for sex in Rio’s heat.

Perfect timing: choosing the right time for hot sex in Rio’s heat It’s like with sports: in the summer, the morning is the perfect time of day – not only because the air is significantly fresher, but also because your testosterone level is very high early in the morning and you consequently have more desire for sex than after a strenuous day of work. This effect can also occur in women. And honestly, is there a better start to the day?

Cool sheets: cold bedding for hot love You have probably already banished the thick wool blanket from the bed. “Satin cools the skin, but it is a synthetic fiber and therefore does not conduct sweat well,” explains the sexual medicine specialist. Linen bedding, on the other hand, is much better for tumbling around: It also has a cooling effect but prevents a lake of sweat from gradually spreading under you.

Cool bedding: Try making love on the kitchen floor for a change Yes, the bed is comfortable. But with extreme temperatures, it is advisable to seek a cooler place sooner or later. “Whether on the cool kitchen tile floor, in the shower under running lukewarm water, or in the basement: everywhere where heat does not or hardly gets, you can let off steam,” says our expert.

These foreplay techniques really make you hot. The bathroom is the perfect place, there are plenty of opportunities to cool down. Do you prefer a shower or a tub? Just set the water to lukewarm – it refreshes better than ice-cold, because the body would produce even more heat after the shock.

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Culinary cooling: Spicy food cools the body Have you ever wondered why people in hot countries often eat spicy food? Spicy dishes containing chili, for example, cool the body. The capsaicin contained in the pod promotes cooling sweat. By the way: Since chili stimulates blood circulation, it also increases arousal in the genitals.

Outdoor Sex in Rio’s heat: Get out of the house! Some apartments don’t offer an air condition. Don’t get grilled in the hot room! Head outside. How about this, for example: You and your partner heat each other up a bit at home and then go on a little bike ride. The good thing about it: On the bike, you’re much more likely to discover secluded, cozy places where you can make yourself comfortable at any time. Look for an isolated place in the shade. It’s best to bring a large beach towel to use as a base.

Breather: Incorporate short breaks during sex in Rio’s heat. If sweat is running not just off your forehead, but all over your body, take a break, drink! Fill the break with gentle caresses – they are much more pleasant in the heat than constant touching and kneading. Or gently blow over each other’s sweaty body – it cools and excites. Also good: dribbling water onto your lover’s skin with a straw.

Wet pleasure: Into the water! You don’t have to worry about a sweat bath if you make love under the cool shower. There are said to be people who also manage to have sex on an air mattress or in the surf. In general, though, that’s rather uncomfortable. Likewise, you should never make love in the blazing sun – it’s too taxing for the circulation. Instead, look for a shady spot or disappear briefly under the lukewarm shower. Is it raining? Perfect: Love in the summer rain is magical!

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Support from the refrigerator: Use the ice-cold kick! Almost everything that’s cold can provide refreshment during sex in Rio’s heat – and be very pleasurable. Why not experiment with fruits from the refrigerator, ice cubes, and cold drinks that you let glide over each other’s skin. But don’t be too hasty: the penis should stay clear of anything too cold, as it can quickly lead to erectile dysfunction.

Cool kisses can also be refreshing: just take an ice cube in your mouth and let the cube travel from mouth to mouth while kissing. This not only cools down but also trains your tongue skills and is very arousing. Better kissing: These kisses drive you wild. However, this icy refreshment is actually more suitable for foreplay: Ice cubes do distract too much from the actual action in the long run. After foreplay, a sip of cool water that you’ve placed next to the bed refreshes.

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Bonus Tip: If you are staying in an apartment without air condition (for whatever reason), think about booking a short stay in one of Rio’s hotels. We wrote an article about The 8 best hotels for sex in Rio de Janeiro.


Slow sex is the call for sex in Rio’s heat. Although desire is greater in summer, you should still take it easy. Choose positions consciously in which you can make love without much effort. Take breaks in between and treat yourselves to cooling refreshments every now and then. If the heat still gets to your head, it’s best to make love directly under the cool shower or secretly at an isolated place in the shade.


Are there any public decency laws in Rio that one should be aware of when considering outdoor sex in Rio’s heat?

Yes, like many places, public indecency laws exist in Rio. Even though Rio is an open minded city, nudity is strictly prohibited. It’s important to ensure privacy and discretion to avoid legal trouble.

How does alcohol consumption interact with sexual activity in hot climates?

While alcohol might be abundant and contribute to the relaxed atmosphere, it’s important to remember that it can lead to dehydration, especially in hot climates. Drink responsibly and stay hydrated with water.

Is it safe to have sex on the beach in Rio?

While it might be exciting, it’s important to consider privacy laws, potential sand irritation, and the importance of using protection to prevent infections.

Are there specific laws in Rio regarding public displays of affection or public sex given the city’s heated atmosphere?

Public sex is generally illegal and can lead to penalties, while public displays of affection are common and widely accepted within cultural norms.

How do the famous ‘love hotels’ in Rio cater to the desire for sex in Rio’s heat?

These hotels offer privacy, air conditioning, and sometimes thematic rooms that enhance sexual experiences while providing respite from the heat.

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