Escort in Rio: How much should I charge for a job? |
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Escort in Rio: How much should I charge for a job?

Escort in Rio - How much to charge for a date 1

Do you have doubts about what would be a standard value for your services? How much does so-and-so charge? Am I too cheap?
Girls, I know how it feels like! Don’t worry, here in this article I brought tips for you to know how much a “fair” value would be for what was agreed, but remember that each one has its differences and that is not a fixed rule!

I will also bring examples of girls with their current rates!!!!!

Know your costs to be profitable

Ok lets start! A lot needs to be taken into account, such as the time and costs you will have for that job!
Let’s go to the examples:
If you are going to have a date for 1 hour at your place, let’s say that on average (without anal) it is from 250 to 400 R$ an hour!

Why? Because there were no expenses such as transportation and time to go to the agreed place!
Now if you are going to attend 1hr at a hotel that would take an average of 30 minutes – 1 hour to the place, this travel time needs to be taken into account.

So a job of 1 hour in a hotel that would take you 2/3 hours (job + transportation) would be considerable the value of 500 to 700 R$.

Check here in the table below the most popular values of jobs in 2023:

Jobs at your locationJobs at home or hotel
30 minutes = 150/250 R$30 minutes = 250/400 R$
1 hour = 250/400 R$1 hour = 500/700 R$

Value your service

Now if you offer anal the value needs to be more valued! Let’s say it would be an increase of 100 to 250 in the inclusion of this service!!! Remembering that these values are just a base, a reference! There are many escorts who charge more or less than what we are bringing here!

Adapt over time

Each girl knows her needs and we all have to start somewhere. I myself charged much lower amounts in my early career and it was more than enough at the time, but there I had no references and examples of girls who valued themselves in the profession and grew up therefore!

Today I charge much more than the popular values mentioned here, but it was a long process until I stood out in the market and thus increased the values due to the high demand for jobs!

I recommend you to look at our other articles where I explain the necessary processes so that you can become a high standard escort!

Ready for some examples?

Now let’s see examples of current escorts and their fees:

Thai mineirinha

Escorts in Rio - Thai-mineirinha
Photo source: hotbrazil anunciante

The Diva Thai who is from Mineirinha is charging 250 R$ for her time!
Check out her information here


Escorts in Rio - RUBI
Photo source: musaclass

The brunette Rubi is charging 600 R$ for her precious hour!!!
Check out her information here


Escorts in Rio - MAYA
Photo source:

The amazing redhead Maya is charging 700 R$ for her time with lots of fun!!!
Check out her information here


Escorts in Rio - ANA CLARA
Photo source: barravips

This beauty is called Ana Clara, a blonde with a body that looks like it was sculpted! She doesn’t have a fixed value but her hour is between 600 R$ and 900 R$!
Check out her information here


Escorts in Rio - ISIS
Photo source:

The beautiful Isis Bela is at her peak with that beautiful body and naughty face!! The muse is around 600 R$ to 900 R$ per hour.
Check out her information here


Well girls, here are some examples to serve as inspiration! Of course, each one has its qualities and moments, do what will serve you and do you good!
Remembering to always stay safe, be selective and know, you are the boss of the parade, value yourself!

Success Ladies!!!!

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